The Story of My Drag Racing (So Far)

My sucesses on the track are mainly because of the ton of help I got over the years from Richard & Ellen B. and Blayne M. I do claim a little credit for consistancy on the good runs and all the credit for the other....
I started racing in 2005, becoming a member of NPBRA "North Peace Bracket Racing Ass'n"- the race club of northwestern Alberta. It only took the first weekend in Fairview racing to realize what an incredible group of people I had joined. I got so much help figuring a lot of things out that I ended in second place and was voted "Rookie of the Year". Ellen told me it was very close and they took 3 hours to decide. Being the old man in the "Pure Street Class" that I ran in made beating the youngsters lost of fun.
The second year was quite a tight run for the points trophy and it went to the last race of the year. I managed to go to Ft St John for a couple of races and ran the quickest time yet. By this time I had finished upgrading the 2004 Mustang V6 I was running. The intake was replaced with one I wasn't supposed to use on the street. LOL put in a short shifter kit for the 5 speed manual. Then I got the rear end upgraded to a limited slip, ran the Super Chips programmer. Had the cats removed and installed BBK O2 cheaters. Replaced the muffleer with a high flow one. Still not fast enough, next came a wet NOS system that added 75 HP. At this time best estimate for horse power was somewhere around 265 flywheel HP. In FT ST John I ran a 13.907 1/4 mile at 101.81 mph. When people I out ran came and asked what was under the hood, I said a V6, a couple of them said BS, then I had to open the hood so they could count plug wires.
Starting in 2007 I ran a Chev S10 until 2011. These were the most frustrating years of my racing. Did not matter what I did, the truck and I never got along. Did win one event beating a 9 second car by 0.004 of a sceond about 3". In 2012 I figured out the proplem, sold the S10 and ran my 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis. Not positive, but, I might have been the slowest car on the track. Gotta love bracket racing. Won a couple of trophies (a 2nd & a 1st) and finished second in the points at the end of the year.

The problem was that I was not driving a Ford!!!

Even with a few bad years, results wise, the pictures below will show that fun can stll be had, even as competitive as I am.

The last two rows are me getting the goodies. Pure Street drivers recieved prizes other than trophies when the class was new.

Ft ST John my V6 ran a 13 second run

My 2007 Race Season Hi-Light

Testing Line Lock