My tattoos

My tattoo history from 1977 to 2020

3 more to finish my back.

UFO Pilot Manticore
Wahoo 42" caught off Cancun Cerberus - Hades 3 headed guard dog (Greek Mythology)
NOS Rules Hot Rod
Bugs Bunny Elk Hard Horn
Clan Gunn Motto "either peace or war" Hades (Greek Mythology)
Gypsy - my dog in the '70's Macaw
Area 51 - yup, they got me Celtic Tree of Life - Moms side of the family
Viking Personal Bindrune Dads side of the family - Luck Health Prosperity 1960's anti-war protest cartoon
Chimera (Greek Mythology) Celtic Cross
Clan Gunn Sword Celtic salmon - Celtic Wisdom & Knowledge
Hot Rod2 My V6 Mustang 13.907 seconds & 101.81 MPH
But, she was just here!!! 4 Leaf Clover & Dead Man's Hand My Yin & Yang