Ancient Aliens

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Outside the old Inca capital of Cusco, a fortress called Sacsayhuamán rests in the Peruvian Andes. Built from enormous stones that have been chiseled and stacked together like a jigsaw puzzle, some say Sacsayhuamán could be the work of an ancient civilization that had a little help from interstellar friends. The 1,000-year-old interlocking fortress walls are made of rocks that weigh as much as 360 tons each, and which were carried more than 20 miles before being lifted and fit into place with laser-like precision.

Nasca Lines

On a high and dry plateau some 200 miles southeast of Lima, more than 800 long, straight white lines are etched into the Peruvian desert, seemingly at random. Joining them are 300 geometric shapes and 70 figures Of animals, including a spider, monkey, and hummingbird.

Machu Picchu Peru

Tsoukalos points out that there are three masonry styles in Machu Picchu. The material at the bottom is significantly older than what followed with the smaller stones, he said, so why would older civilizations who supposedly had less technology use larger blocks? "Sometimes there are three levels to the construction--the bottom level has massive, gigantic, megalithic blocks as big as railway wagons; the middle about half a size smaller. And at the top, brick-sized stones are just thrown up there. That makes no sense."

The Paracas History Museum Peru

The 20 or more elongated skulls on display at the Paracas History Museum in Chaco, Peru, are "downright bizarre," Tsoukalos said. Archeologists usually attribute elongated skulls to the practice of parents binding the heads of newborns to mimic the look of their gods.


Pumapunku is a series of stone structures in Tiwanaku, La Paz Bolivia. Visitors often remark on how precisely that the stones were cut, according to Skeptoid Podcast with Brian Dunning. Though it's certainly impressive in size and technology, some think that the structure was created thanks to aliens.

Gobekli Tepe

Ancient Aliens this week heads to the ancient Turkish site of Gobekli Tepe — which some Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe may have been built with the help of an extraterrestrial civilization. The mysterious site, which lies around seven miles northeast from Turkey's city of Sanliurfa, not far from the border with Syria, measures just 980ft wide and 50ft deep. But it includes more than 200 pillars, including the world's oldest known megaliths — which were built in huge "T" shapes.


Ollantaytambo is a Pre-Inca fortress, with rock walls of tightly fitted blocks weighing upto 150 tons each. Most of the blocks consist of (Hard Andesite)(9), (Red Porphyry)(1), the quarries for which are situated on a mountain-top a few miles distant. As well as the difficulties that must have been experienced in dressing the stones, they had to be lowered down one mountain, over a river canyon with 1000 ft sheer rock walls, then raised up the mountain the complex is situated on.